Best Security Cameras

For any Nigerian home, both large and small, and even small, medium, and large organizations having the best security cameras is one thing that should be of priority.

It is not only because of the crime that is pervading but also for the purpose of your peace of mind, knowing that everything is good and safe since you can always monitor.

It gets interesting to understand that before now, most people have thought before you could get what you can get any security camera for your home, you must spend hundreds of thousands. Well, that is false.

Here are some of the best security cameras for Nigerian home. They are not only good, they are as well affordable and friendly:

Universal Wide Angle 360 Degree VR Panoramic CCTV Indoor IP Camera

Best Security Cameras
The Universal Wide Angle 360 Degree VR Panoramic CCTV

This may as well be the best security camera for you if what you are looking for is something for indoor purposes.

Although we didn’t find this to be among the cheapest, it is clearly understandable because it is not one of the regular ones.

Created by Universal, the Wide Angle 360 Degree VR Panoramic CCTV Indoor IP Camera has 360-degree full range viewing as the name rightly suggests.

More so, it can be controlled from the mobile phone and it supports Wi-Fi as well as the intelligent configuration of Wi-Fi. Using your mobile phone you can even get to zoom to have a clearer view.

The best part of this apart from its detailed capturing and the 360 range view is the fact that it is both easy to install and make use of.

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Hikvision Cam Video Door Phone Bell 7″ Hands-Free Screen

Best security cameras
The Hikvision Cam Video Door Phone Bell

For your door, the Hikvision Cam Video Door Phone Bell 7″ Hands-Free Screen has returned as one of our best security cameras for Nigerian homes.

Although it comes equipped with much functionality, we have found this to rather be cheap and very easy to use and friendly, as well as durable.

The door camera has a 7-Inch colorful TFT LCD from which you can get to see who is at your door at a resolution of 800 x 480. More to that, there is touch screen sensitivity to the display screen and it has a built-in omnidirectional microphone and a built-in loudspeaker for easy communication with whoever is at your door or gate.

Even as you communicate, you are sure to get good visual quality as well as goo audio thanks to the noise suppression and echo cancellation technology used. You can also easily activate the no disturbance mode if you don’t want to be disturbed.

It also has some very interesting features such as SOS calling function for added security and resident-to-resident audio call.

While it is more expensive than most others, we still maintain that it is cheap if you consider its functionality.

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TMEZON 4 Mega Pixel AHD Outdoor Camera

Best security cameras
The TMEZON 4 Mega Pixel AHD Outdoor Camera

TMEZON cameras have been very popular in the surveillance camera market worldwide hence there is very little to debate on about its functionality and how good it can be, or it is.

We have found it to be one of the best for outdoor use, as it is designed to be an all-weather piece, even as it can work both in the day and at night thanks to its 35 meters night vision which is made possible due to the LED light it features.

For daytime surveillance, the camera even performs better as it comes with 4 Megapixels ultra-clear resolution and an AHD camera designed with 4mm lens.

You can count on the durability of the camera and the all-weather purpose it promises because it is built with a metal case even as the top has a nice covering.

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Hikvision Turbo HD720P IR Bullet Camera – DS-2CE16C0T-IR

Best Security Camera
The Hikvision Turbo HD720P IR Bullet Camera

Even though it is also from Hikvision, this is cheaper even as also comes with very good performance, and it is well known.

This outdoor security camera is very good and we find it to be complete whether you are looking at affordability or performance, or durability, or whatever.

A weatherproof camera, it is able to survive and work very well in most conditions, just as it can as well work both during the day and at night thanks to the LED light it comes with.

This camera is what we would recommend for someone who wants a great piece without necessarily chopping off his head to pay, or breaking your account to acquire.

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Foscam Wireless IP Camera-FI8905W

Best security cameras
The Foscam Wireless IP Camera-FI8905W

The FOSCAM is a special camera which is of high quality and performance. It is one that has enjoyed much purchase and reviews on various online stores.

The Outdoor fixed wireless IP camera is very advanced in that it as well gives you an option of cloud saving for recorded videos. Also, apart from monitoring, it is also designed with a motion sensor, which means it can detect any form of movement.

It has a very good night vision with 60 IR LEDs for night vision of up to 20 meters. The day recording is even more perfect and great.

It has 4mm lens for a wide 50-degree viewing angle. Also, the image and video quality you get with the Foscam Wireless IP Camera-FI8905W is top notch.

The camera is also smartphone compatible. It works with iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. This is even as you can get to monitor your home from the internet once you access the site. You can easily access these using either wireless connection since it includes Wifi antenna or wired connection that it allows.

For the internet control, it allows for multi-password use, which means that up to 9 people can be able to access and monitor what is going on in the house. Hence, this will be great for you if you have a large house and family.

Finally, it is designed strongly for all weather use.

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