China Has Banned The Letter N From The Internet

Surprisingly enough, China has banned the letter N from the internet, and it has nothing to do with the N word. rather, it is In an attempt to curtail the opposition of the people of China against a proposition by the communist party that is seeking to give the country’s president a limitless time in office by abolishing the present two terms that exist, that the country has banned the letter.

Since the party announced it wants to eliminate the tenure limit to assist President Xi Jinping as well as his deputy to rule indefinitely, the people have taken to various forms of online protests which the country has been trying to control.

Chitizens of the Asian giant nation has decided to flood their own version of Twitter and Whatsapp, Weibo and WeChat, to begin a protest. This is what has led to the censoring. What has remained very surprising though, is why the country will decide on banning the letter.

While it banned the Letter N, China has also banned words that include terms like “emigrate,” “lifelong,” and “I disagree”.

For people that tried typing the Letter N, the got back the message, “content is illegal.” It is also the same with people that tried to type “Xi JinP,” “emigrate,” and “indefinite control,” as they also got the 20021 content is illegal! feedback.

China Has Banned The Letter N From The Internet

While this ban was placed on Sunday, it was lifted by Wednesday 28 February, and the real reason behind the banning is still being speculated with some proposing that it is used to stop people from answering the Yes or No question (Y/N) on the internet. Others have speculated that the N is for infinity.

Banned The Letter N From The Internet

Interestingly enough, this is not the first time that the country is banning things or movements that it doesn’t believe in. For example, the country has banned people using Winnie the Pooh on the internet because it has been used by the people to refer to the looks of the president.