Crazy technology

With all the right buzz and flare, the greatest tech show on earth, the CES 2018, has come and gone, and all we are left with is the wow experience and the expectations of some very amazing and crazy technology that we would soon be seeing.

The show has revealed the side of technology that, forgive me, is nothing but sheer magic. Or even more than just that. What is, even more, is that the technology is not a one-sided thing, but has spread to almost every aspect from the auto market to the audio, to TV, computers, god help us, what is not included?

Some of the things that really wowed during the CES 2018 are things like rollable TVs, convertible tablets/laptops, smarter cars, and a lot of things. While that is one side of the coin, here is a list of crazy technology during the show that many of us can agree on:

Robot Strippers

Did you expect that we would get sex robots and not robot strippers? The show has proven you wrong with this excessively crazy technology that has bots as strippers instead of humans. While the robots are have not yet been designed to develop a complete human form like Samantha and Sophia they are still managing to get the basic moves quite rightly. Nevertheless, just as with sex doll brothels, you can soon expect to see these robot strippers in clubs, because already, they have started making their ways in.

$6,000 Smart Toilet

You can only scream sh*t when you realize that you will get to pay as much as $6,000 for something that will only allow you to Sh*t. Let’s not get it wrong, this is not a regular toilet, it is a smart one that has been developed by a Japanese company, Kohler as part of its smart bathroom products. This smart toilet, Nuni, has been described as the most advanced toilet by its makers, and what it does is to enhance comfort and cleanliness.

With this smart toilet, you get to a top that opens easily, have a clean air-drying, play your music, flush with just a move of your hand and does a lot of other things. Now, is $6,000 too much to pay for this crazy technology?

Weight-loss Headset

What if you are offered a headset that is able to help you easily lose weight without you putting any effort? That is except the fact that you will end up with a headache because while helping you lose weight, the set is supposed to give you a headache in the process.

This technology has been introduced by Modius Health, and the company believes that gaining and losing weight is in the brain and not the body. Hence, it will make use of the technology to get into your head and influence your weight. Holy crr…. Now, to know if this technology works, the best you can do is to take the creators of their words and nothing more. This is because there is nothing to prove that this technology actually works, or to prove that it doesn’t.

The technology behind it though is that it will send electrical waves your brain to make you feel less hungry, which goes on to change your body’s set point.

E-Vone Smart Shoes

Crazy Technology

You have been thinking you have seen all the smart shoes in the world, this shoe developed in France is very different because all it does is to alert those who care for you when you fall, that you have fallen. That is most especially if you are a grandpa or grandma somewhere. This may not be as crazy as others on the list, but it is still a crazy one.

It functions by working with an app that immediately alerts when the wearer trips and falls. This is possible thanks to it GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope and a pressure system which gets it when you wear it and notifies when anything happens.

Crazy Technology: Petrics Smart Pet Bed

Somehow, pets have not been left out of the whole thing, with different companies bringing different. The crazy one though is this smart bed that is able to analyze how your cat or dog sleeps as well as measure and let you know if your pet is overweight.

What is the idea behind this? To simply give better health to pets because many of them are actually overweight. That is according to the manufacturers of this bed. They believe that their smart product can track the health of your pet by understanding their weight and sleep pattern and that will ensure that they have longer lives.