Fake Identity Scam That is Able To Create People That Don’t Exist

Thanks to technological advancement, many things there are both great and completely terrifying are happening. The latest is a fake identity scam that is able to create people from nothingness. What this means is that with this scam, you can create and claim that someone is in existence without the person actually existing.

Prior to this scam, the form of identity scam that existed was the use of the identity of someone who is real but most times dead. In fact, there are times when the identities of living people are stolen and used.

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The problem that this poses, is that it may just provide an easy way for terrorists and criminals to have an easy way through to carry out any havoc.

Synthetic identity fraud, which is the new fake identity fraud, is able to create a fake individual by simply selecting the right social security number (SSN). According to Kevin King, Director, Product Marketing at ID Analytics, “The most common plan here is to randomly choose a SSN that wasn’t issued prior to 2011 when the [Social Security Administration] changed the rules on how SSNs were issued.”

Once these random numbers are selected, the possibility that someone already having it is very little most especially from the range they select. What is more is that the internet has made this made very easy for almost anyone to do this.

Most of those involved in this right now are taking advantage of it to get loans from the government. What they do is to apply for a line of credit at a financial institution knowing that it will mostly be rejected, but it will create a credit profile for the synthetic ID in the credit bureaus’ databases.

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After that is done, the person applies for credit once that is established, the fraudsters then go ahead and apply for multiple credit cards and wait for it to go high before they make their deals.

The greater concern, however, is that terrorists may take advantage of this and find a way of funding their activities. Another problem is that they can use the synthetic identities to travel easily.