Fart Facts: 22 Fascinating Things You Didn’t Know About Passing Gas

In case you are wondering, everyone farts. Yeah, every single person, including the person that is in your head right now. The big question is that why is it that we all fart? There are many reasons that have been posited by experts (not in farting but in the human system) as to why we all fart. The underlining reason is that because it is very healthy for us to fart.

As much as possible, we try to respect ourselves by not letting ‘em out on the first date or in public, most especially when it is all quiet, but sometimes we lose control. The irony is that in such situations, they announce they’re coming to the world. In case you want to understand more about farting (why not?) let me put you through.

Here are 22 fart facts you didn’t know:

1. Smelling your partner’s fart can help you live longer

According to science, when you are able to inhale the fart of your partner, you are going to enjoy longer life. This is in the literal sense because they claim that the hydrogen sulphide released is very helpful to the body.

2. Everyone farts enough to fill a balloon each day

With 700ml of the smelly gas released each day, your daily fart may be able to fill an average party balloon. More to this, the gas you release will be able to fill half a liter each day.

3. It is very beneficial to health

There are many health benefits associated to farting including been good to the colon health, balancing your diet, and helping with bloating among other things.

4. Human fart is flammable

Fart Facts

Because it has gasses such as Methane and Hydrogen Sulphide, the gas you release can be very flammable.

5. Why some announce their coming while others make no noise

While some of the farts you release make all the noise and others don’t is because of the strength they come out with, as well as the tightness of the sphincter muscles among other things.

6. The speed of your fart

As your fart makes it to the world, its measured average speed is placed at about 10 feet per second. That is equivalent to about 9.5 km/hr. It is because of this that you normally get to smell fart only in a matter of seconds after it is released.

7. Food and smelly fart

There are some food that are said to make your fart smell more than others. Such include egg, meat, dairy products, garlic and foods high in yeast.

8. Is holding fart good for you?

Sometimes, we are forced to hold it because of the place we are and the people we are with. While one side of the argument believes that there is nothing wrong with holding it back, another side of the argument reveals that holding it is very bad. At worse, science believes that it can cause hemorrhoids or a distended bowel.

9. When you hold it for a long time

When you hold the fart for a rather long time, it allows you to sleep before it will sneak out because then, you cannot get to hold it back.

10. You get used to your fart

It doesn’t matter how bad your fart smell, you will soon get used to it and because of that, you will always find the fart of others smelling worse than your own.

11. People have always accepted farting

The main reason why fart is considered very embarrassing is hardly known, but then, many places have allowed people to pass out their gas freely anywhere they are. In fact, there is farting contest in Japan where the winner is selected based on the strength of the gas released. More so, Roman Emperor Claudius was said to have declared that people should be allowed to pass gas whenever necessary.

12. Farting is used by some as a defense mechanism

It has been said that there are people that are too protective of themselves that to wade off people they feel as threatening, they release this gas that has odor. This keeps others away.

13. People that fart for a living

You may not know this, but there are people who fart for a living. Known as the flatulists, these people are professional farting experts who entertain others by farting. There are people that are also employed by kings to serve as the king’s flatulist.

14. Fart smelling job

While there is a job for those releasing the released gas, there is likewise a job for those that want to smell and make money from it. Known as professional fart smellers, Chinese who practice alternative medicine hire these people who they train to detect diseases by smelling farts.

15. Chimpanzees fart

Considering the things they eat, chimps fart not just a lot, but also very loud. It is loud enough to help scientists use their farts in tracking them down. This is according to a finding by a researcher of biological anthropology at the University of Kent in the United Kingdom, Adriana Lowe.

16. Ants cause Global warming with their farts

They are very tiny and somewhat insignificant, right? Wrong. They are said to fart more than any other animal in the world, and that is because of the kind of things they consume. More than the plants in the world, it is said that these tiny creatures release farts that can contribute to global warming.

17. Farts in shower smell worse

If you are among those that enjoy farting in the shower, you will realize that the smell is much stronger. That is simply because when the humidity is high, the nose works much better as such it picks up the entire smell.

18. Hate the smell of fart?

There are actually people who can do without the smell of fart. At least for such people, there is what is known as the Father Christmas pill which once they get to take, they get to have fart that smells more like chocolate. Or if you will prefer there are pads that have been designed for people that don’t want their fart to smell. You get to wear the pad with your boxers, panties, or any briefs that you use.

19. Fart and sex

There are people who have come to believe that fart is very sexy. But apart from these people, there are others that get aroused by flatulence. This is referred to as eproctophilia; becoming sexually aroused by flatulence.