5 Countries That Have Problem with Condoms: Too Small or Too Large

That condoms imported from China is too small for men in Zimbabwe is one very big news right now. What this means, in case you are still working on the maths, is that the men in China are “smaller” than the men in Zimbabwe. While that is the case, there are many countries that have problems with condoms. These problems are mostly as regards the fit due to the size they are supplied.

As a result of these problems, many people decide to engage without using any protection either because they are too shy that it too small for them or too big. Hence many people get exposed to different STDs. At the end of the day, however, some argue that it is not the size, but what you do with it.

Here are some countries that have problem with condoms:

Countries That Have Problem with Condoms

Zimbabwean top model (Image Source)

Zimbabwe: Condoms are too small for the men

The minister of Zimbabwe has come out to furiously challenge his countrymen and investors to go into the production of the protection. His reason is that the condoms used in the country are imported from China and most of them do not get to fit the Zimbabwean men because the condoms are too small, leaving them frustrated.

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The country’s health minister, David Parirenyatwa, complained that although the men in the country have come to love a particular brand of condom, the country doesn’t produce it and China is supplying them in small sizes.

Being the sixth highest HIV country in the Sub Saharan Africa, the government is trying to promote the use of condoms, but somehow, the sizes are not helping matters, even as there is a very high use of the protection in the country. In fact, Zimbabwe’s use of a condom is the highest in the world. With a population of just 14 million, this country uses more condoms than many others with twice and even trice its population.

India: International sized condoms are too big

While the rubbers coming to Zimbabwe are too small, the international standard size condoms are too big for Indian men. That is according to a survey that looked at more than a thousand Indian men.

At the end of the research, it is seen that the reason why the protection is too big for the men is that 60% of Indian men have penises that fall between three and five centimeters shorter than international standards used in condom manufacture. As a result of this, for every five times that men in the country make use of condom it either falls off once or it tears, opening them up to certain diseases or even pregnancy for women that are trying to avoid it.

The take, however, at the end of the day, is that even with the size, Indian men are still doing good for themselves, except if you do not want to look at the population of the country.

France: In need of the largest condoms in Europe

In Europe, it is the French men that are in need of the largest available rainboots. This was reached after a survey of 25 countries in Europe showed that French men are the top when it comes to the largeness of the penis. The study took a look at over 10,500 men to come to this conclusion.

The Greeks, surprisingly enough, emerged those that would do with the smallest sized condom in Europe, as they fall behind the French by as much as 1.2 in (3 cm) long.  What a French man is said to have is the average length of 6.09 in (15.48 cm).

Uganda: Condoms are too small

Men in this East African country have complained that the condoms supplied in the country are too small for the men. The result of this is that some areas that have complained more about the small sizes of the rubbers have returned with higher cases of sexually transmitted diseases.

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MP Tom Aza said Uganda’s Parliamentary Committee for HIV/AIDS revealed that “Some youth are complaining that the condoms they are being given, some of them are too short, their organs can’t fit in them.” Because of this, the condoms burst when they engage in sexual activity, or as the MP said, action.

China: Condoms are too small for expatriates

Countries That Have Problem with Condoms

Chinese men (Image Source)

Just as Zimbabweans are complaining that the condoms from China are too small for them, so also are expatriates working in the country. According to them, the country’s condoms which are usually 180mm long and 52mm wide, are not meeting the needed target.

The bad news for these people is that the major majority of men in the country are satisfied with the rubbers just the way they are, hence no much thought has been given towards the manufacturing of better or bigger ones.