Tears Into Bullets

Have you ever wished to shoot someone for making you cry? A graduate has finally decided to help you out with her latest invention that is able to turn the tears you cry into bullet, so you may just gather the tears and shoot!

You don’t have to get scared of killing someone because that is not the reason why the gun was made. The reason behind the invention, which was made by a designer, Yi-Fei Chen, was to create a visual metaphor because it has not been the easiest of things for her to express herself.

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Tears Into Bullets

Chen who studied and graduated in Netherlands had a problem with disagreeing with her tutors no matter what it is, which was okay in Netherlands. This was contrary to what she learned in Taiwan where she grew up.

Speaking to Dezeen, the young inventor who is a graduate of Design Academy Eindhoven revealed that she was always too emotional to control herself and “I could not hold my tears so I cried. I turned my back to the others because I did not want people to see me crying.”

The result is a gun that could collect the tears you cry and freeze that into bullets. The tears are collected into a silicon funnel into the steampunk-like brass system.

Inside the bottle is filled with dry ice fixed to the back of the pistol. What this does is to freeze the teardrops that fall in into solid bullets, ready to shoot out all your anger and frustrations without ending on the wrong side of the law.

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With the popularity of her invention, Yi-Fei Chen got the opportunity to fire her gun at a tutor of her choice during her graduation. And that she did, without spilling any blood since the gun is not dangerous.