Hut Prize

10,000,000 applicants and 5,000 startup ideas will slug it out in the annual Hult Prize which is hitting its eight year of running after beginning since 2009.  The whole idea of the contest is to come up with ideas, as teams, that would be able to solve problems that millions of people world wide are facing.

What You Should Know About Hult Prize

The Hult Prize is an annual contest which was started in 2009 with the help of Hult, and building on the idea of an MBA student at Hult International Business School, Ahmad Ashkar. The idea was simply to get many people to come up with ideas that may be able to solve the world’s problems.

Regarded as the the”Nobel Prize for Students”, Hult prize has had over $50M of capital deployed into it since it began.

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The  most compelling social business ideas for startups that could impact the world positively, will be awarded  USD1 Million in seed capital, as well as coaching and other necessary support.


You can apply once you are students past or present from any college or university in the world. All you need is to form a team, and have a good idea.

You are considered a student if at the time of application submission, you have not yet graduated.

Hult prize


Can you build scalabe, sustainable social enteprises that harness the power of energy
to transform the lives of 10 million people by 2025 ?

Even though energy is at the core of the 2018 Hult Prize, here are other things it looks at as relating to energy:

● Connectivity
● Mobility
● Farming, food, and agriculture
● Water collection, storage and transport
● Health and the human experience
● Education

Application Deadlines:

  • Early Priority Deadline: 31st October 2017
  • Second Application Deadline: 30th November 2017
  • Final Application Deadline 11:59 pm EST: 23rd December 2017

How to Apply: 

You Can begin application her

Check out the frequently asked questions here

Once you have applied, you need now that the Regional Semi-Final Rounds of competition will be held in Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai, Shanghai, Toronto, Mexico City, Quito, Bogota, Melbourne, Lagos, Nairobi, Cairo, Tunisia, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore on the weekends of March 09-11 and March 16-18, 2018. Regional winner’s will be invited to a 8-week summer accelerator in a castle in the UK.

The announcement of the year’s competition was made by Bill Clinton who is a  key partner for the Hult Prize