Technology That Nigeria Is Behind

There are many highly important yet simple technology that Nigeria is behind in. Like most other countries in Africa, Nigeria is still looking at very little things that it has forgotten a lot of other things that are going to define the future and they are the ones changing the world.

Although different countries in the world are giving deadlines for the passage rites of things they consider outdated, such things are finding their ways to Africa where they are accepted and celebrated. The main reason why Nigeria still behind has to do with the absence of infrastructure upon which the technology will run.

Here are 10 among the many technology that Nigeria is behind in:

  1. Electric Cars

Apart from the one belonging to Senator Ben Bruce and a few others, electric cars are still seen as things of the very distant future in the country. Because of the popularity of such cars, different countries have set deadlines for the banning of fuel driven cars. Britain has set its date as 2050, France is 2040, and India, Germany, and many others have set dates of starting to sell or even banning.

  1. Self-Driven Cars

One thing that is more than electric cars is self-driven cars. These autonomous car and unmanned ground vehicle are able to navigate around on its own by just sensing its environment. There are many trucks that are designed at the moment to take over the streets of America and China. Many autonomous smaller cars are designed by many companies including Telsa. Interestingly enough, we are soon seeing Self-driven autonomous cars.

  1. Robots

No, I am not talking about sex robots this time around. There are many robots that have taken over many things in many countries. They are bought for different things including helping out in hospitals, saying prayers for the dead in Japan, security, and a whole lot more. In Nigeria, such robots are still far from what can be seen at the moment.

  1. Forensic Technology

One other technology that Nigeria is behind in is in the area of Forensics. As a result of this, that the country cannot have DNA profiling which has become very popular in many countries of the world. Cases of election rigging and crime cannot be ascertained because of the absence of a forensic lab in the country. The first of such labs was recently built by the Lagos State government in 2017.

  1. Electric Train

Although there is a massive effort at getting the railway system in the country working, there is a very little attempt at making the trains electric. The first high-speed train in the country was only developed in 2016. The train runs on the Abuja – Kaduna line in less than an hour. Interestingly enough, while the electric train is being considered in the country, the automated train system is being thought of in many countries.

  1. Voice Interface Technology

This has become the way for most smart technology in the world. With this technology, all you have to do to control various devices or machines is just to speak to them. While these are on smartphones (not only iPhone’s Siri), many Nigerians are yet to start using them, most especially the google assist on phones that let you set alarms, dial numbers, and surf the internet among other things. We have also seen the Amazon Echo among other things.

  1. Cybersecurity

Gradually, the world is shifting towards a cyber-warfare with countries championing attacks on other countries via the cyberspace. Nigeria is extremely behind in this regards. What is more is that there is yet to be a mechanism that can curtail cybercrime in the country. In 2017, the United States made an attempt towards assisting the country with its cyber problems.

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