Killer Masturbation: Doctors Warn That This Form of Masturbation is Deadly

Times have changed a lot of things that were once considered to be very wrong as we now accept them as normal and part of life. One of such is masturbation for both male and female. Nevertheless, while that is being practiced more and more, there is the fear of what I can call killer masturbation which has seen a lot of people dying in search of pleasure.

As pointed out by Dr. Herald Voss who is a forensic physician, there are very risky masturbation methods that people go for in the search for extra gratification. He stated that the dangerous practice has left with more than 80 to 100 people in Germany losing their lives.

This practice easily has to do with starving yourself of breath in order to get that added or increased pleasure with comes with it during intercourse. Because of it, there are many autoerotic deaths due to oxygen deficiency that has been recorded.

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Also known as hypoxyphilia, this form of death is seen as a “life-threatening sexual paraphilia where a person seeks to reduce the supply of oxygen to the brain during a heightened state of sexual arousal.” It can go as bad as people suffocating themselves by using plastic bags or masks.

The greater danger associated with this killer masturbation or the hypoxyphilia is that it can happen much easier than many people may want to even, and way much faster. In 30 seconds of holding your breath, which may happen very fast, one may lose consciousness and in the next minutes, one may lose one’s life.

Many people are into holding of breath during orgasm as a result of the euphoric feeling, most especially during masturbation and that is when the danger is even more critical. In the case of this, there are more men involved than women.

Also, there has also been another dangerous practice of masturbating with a vacuum cleaner. This is also among the autoerotic practices but one cannot tell the number of people practising this because most men are ashamed saying this out, even when they get injured in the process. It is also believed that the number of those dying as a result of the practice is much but it is hidden. This is because most of the times, it is relatives that discover the bodies and so they don’t talk because of shame.

Nevertheless, there have been many cases of such deaths including a most recent one that involved a man from Hesse who died in his basement, and investigators pointed to autoerotic. More so, there is also actor David Carradine who was said to have died of a fatal erotic asphyxiation.

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Now, even as it has been stated that it mostly affects men, it may also affect women, but why the case is less is because women are more careful and most times, they won’t go to the extreme as men.

“It’s the same with women, but it’s less likely to kill because women are obviously more cautious and do not put in so much sophistication,” Voss said.