Nigerian Used Cars

Getting Nigerian used cars is not very hard to get, but the problem is that just as it is very easy to buy one, so too it is easy to buy what will end up being a nightmare.

More than the fear that you may end up buying what will give you plenty problems, is the fear that you may end up buying a stolen or illegal car which will only get you into trouble.

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That said, it is good to understand that most people will tell you that it is wiser to buy a new used car than a brand new one. That is quite true because a used car comes much cheaper than a brand new one, even if it has only been used for a few days. That is why most people will never find themselves buying new cars.

However, there are some problems with buying these cars that have been used before, and that is mostly the issue of security and safety. That is what this guide is all about.

Table of Contents: Buying A Used Nigerian Car

Things to consider before selling your car

What to do after buying a used car

Tips to selling a used car

Best places to list or buy used cars in Nigeria

10 things to consider when looking at Tokunbo cars for sale in Nigeria

  • The brand of the car and its model

Everyone has a particular brand and model of car that he or she wants. That is what most people go for when they want to go for cars, but it is important to understand that sometimes buying the car you fancy may not be the best.

This is because such a car may be very expensive to manage considering the nature of Nigerian roads and the availability of spare parts. This is important because some spare parts are not only expensive, but finding them is a big problem, so you may as well decide against such cars.

Some models of cars are very old and may not give you so many things that you may need. Even though they may be cheaper at the end of the day, it is only wise to go for something more recent and modern.

  • Price

Make a little research on how much the brand new car of that nature is sold. After you have established that, carry out another research to find out how much the Tokumbo version which has been imported from places like Cotonou is sold. Then, try and find out how much that model of Nigerian used car is sold.

The price of the Nigerian used cars and the Tokumbo may not be very different, but at least it will give you an idea of what you are heading for.

  • Problems associated with such cars

Every car has its own problem. Before buying any used car, or even a new one, you need to know what problem you will likely face with the car in the future. For some, you can be sure that the shock absorber will always fail you, and for others, it is something different.

Knowing the problem will help you know beforehand so that you can know whether you can bear it or not. If you cannot handle it, it will be best to look for another car.

This is not only peculiar to used Nigerian cars, but also to most other things you are buying including motorcycles and other things.

  • How long has it been used and if it has ever had any accidents
Some cars are not cars, they are just junks

It is very important to know the specific history of the car that you will use for probably the next three to four years. Even though many people may not be very honest with you in this regards, you need to still ask and try to find out.

This is because a car that has suffered an accident may not be as strong as one that has never had any problem.

Also, try as much as possible to avoid cars that have been used for a very long time, if you get to know. You can know them by looking a little closer than you will. Look to see if it has had some recent cosmetic work, and try snooping and looking at things including the interior, the engine, and whatever else you may want.

  • Who or where you are buying it from
  • Are you buying it from an individual or online? Understand, if you are buying it online, you should ensure to be very careful as there are many fraudulent ads that are just waiting for your hard earned cash, and there are sites that may just be set up by fraudsters.Therefore, ensure that the site is secure (you will see this in the address bar: https://, and not just http//). Also ensure that the site is not new, by searching on the site on Google to see what others say about it.
    • Let a mechanic go through it

    Ensure that a mechanic you select gets to check the car and see that everything is intact and good. He should check the engine to see that it is in a good shape. He may not be able to tell if everything is alright without using the car for some time, but his opinion will be important.

    • What is the resale value?

    The resale value of a car is very important if you need something that you will not use for a very long time. Avoid cars that will depreciate as fast as the years go by and go for those that will still be worth some good cash in a few years to come.

    • Your needs

    When you start looking for a used car in Nigeria or anywhere else to buy, you will come across so many cars and the problem here is that you may get carries away with fine ones and forget the main reason why you need a car. Stick to your needs and get a car that will have you covered.

    • Your finances

    You really need to consider how much you have and what your income in. This is because as you will come to realize, buying a car is just one thing and maintaining it is another.

    In fact, you may get a good bargain and get a cheap car, but maintaining it will not be cheap.

    • Get a Written Purchase Agreement and warranty

    This will have you lawfully covered if you later discover that the car is not what you thought it was, and the purchase agreement will cover you if there is any problem with the law, because you may not tell if a used car was stolen or not.

What to do after buying a used car in Nigeria

  1. Have it duly registered: Of course, having the car registered is the first and most important thing to do, and if you don’t have a driver’s license, you need to get one.
  2. Have a mechanic go through it again: It is not enough that a mechanic has gone through it before it was bought. Hence, you still need to get your mechanic to further go through it and see that everything is moving as smooth as it should.
  3. Get it insured: Getting insurance for your car is very important, because a lot can go wrong, and you can never tell when it may. As such, getting insurance that will have you covered in the case of accident or theft.
  4. Check brake and tires: your safety is more important than any other thing, so checking that your brake is good and your tires are sound is one of the best things you can do to yourself. For the tires, ensure that they are neither mismatched nor worn out and that they meet the requirements of the Federal Road Safety.
  5. Drive safely

Tips to selling Used Nigerian Cars

If on the other hand, you have a used car you want to sell, there are some easy tips that would help you get it easily done and may even fetch you a better bargain. Here are important tips if you want to sell your used car:

  1. Get your car in the best possible shape possible: First impression matters even in business. Don’t leave your car dirty when you want o sell it. Have it well washed and if you cannot do it perfectly, pay for the service.
  2. Have all the document you need ready: Don’t leave any document relating to the purchase of the car out even if you consider that it is not important. It may come useful.
  3. Know as much as possible about the car: If I want to buy a used car in Nigeria or anywhere else, I will want to know the model, the year it was made, the year it was bought, the type of engine, the gearbox, and other things. You don’t need to go preparing like you are writing an exam, but now as much as you can about your car.
  4. Realistic pricing: Try and be realistic when it comes to putting a price on your car. If the price is too high, you may hardly find a buyer, most especially if it is not online, and if the price is too little, you may just run on yourself.
  5. Decide where to sell it: This is very important.You can decide to sell it online or otherwise. Just understand that both have their own problems.
  6. Test Drive: When it comes to test driving, you need to be very careful because this is where things can get messy. Me sure you see the driver’s license of the buyer before you agree, and make sure you get in the car as well.
  7. Get Paid: Never think the deal is done until you are paid in full. What I mean easily is that you should never hand over your car key to anyone before they pay in full. Many people want to go away with your car for free.
  8. Payment: decide on how you want t get paid, in cash or via transfer, and based on which you decide to go for, also consider the location of selling your car most especially if it is to someone you met online.

Best places to Get Nigerian Used Cars Online

What makes jumia car bigger than most others in Nigeria is that it was able to successfully buy, which used to be as well, one of the biggest.

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On this site, there are over 8 thousand cars listed, and the amount of cars may be from as cheap as 200,000 to as high as over 10 million naira.

Nigeria OLX – Cars

Olx Nigeria is another big site that does not just offer used cars but also has motorcycles displayed. Also on display on OLX are used trucks and other agricultural cars.

Everything listed on OLX Nigeria is as much as over 50 thousand listings that include trucks and motorcycles.

Cheki NG

Checki has risen to be very another popular site that you can get to buy or sell your a used car. The site interestingly lets you know the different states that there are available cars so that you can pick a buyer close to you.

Nairaland Auto

Nairaland Auto may not be as popular as most others, but it still offers a great place to sell your cars.

Others are: