Lack of Innovation or Genius: 8 Facts about the Nokia 8110 Banana Phone

One thing with technology is that inasmuch as it goes forward, it still comes back to where it began, but in a bigger and better way. If you don’t believe this, Nokia is pushing ahead a serious argument with its newly launched Nokia 8110 “Matrix” mobile phone. Don’t forget that before this, the company brought back the Nokia 3310 but in a newer, but not necessarily better manner.

This time around, the Nokia 8110 Banana phone is coming at a time when technology is still getting higher with smartphones that are able to do a lot of things, with very little to offer. That said, this phone is neither a smartphone nor should you consider it as a replacement for your smartphone.

While the facts may sustain on whether Nokia is gradually run out of ideas, it will also be considered that the company is becoming a marketing genius as it keeps banking on the nostalgia of the former banana phone as well as massive hype. The company has done it with the newer version of its Nokia 3310 and it was able to make a lot of money from it. But now with the Nokia 8110 Banana Phone

Main Known Features of the Nokia Banana Phone

Sim: Both single and Dual-SIM versions available

Processor: Qualcomm 205 Mobile Platform processor

 Operating System: KaiOS (a forked version of defunct Firefox OS)

Ram: 512MB

Storage: 4GB

Screen: 2.4-inch QVGA display

Camera: 2-megapixel camera at the rear.

Battery Performance: 25 days of battery standby (1500 mAh)

Connectivity: LTE, wireless LAN 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.1, and FM radio support.

Apps: Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps, Google Assistant, and even Snake.

Here are 8 things you should know about this phone

How it came about

Nokia 8110 Banana Phone

Nokia has brought this phone on the back of its former Nokia Banana shaped phone which happened to be used by Neo in the popular movie, Metrix. So the thing is that the company is trying to bank on the Nostalgia of the movie as well as the former phone to sell this piece. Let’s be precise, it was in 1996, 22 years ago, that the original Nokia 8110 slider “banana” phone was designed.

The Nokia 8110 Banana Phone is not exactly a smartphone

If you are wondering whether this phone is a smart piece, to disappoint you, it is not. Or I will not call it exactly that, even though it comes with 4G. The phone doesn’t come with any serious apps except, of course, the regular ones that include Facebook, google map, and a few others. What is more is that you will not be able to download more apps.


Forget about what you see on pictures and screen, this phone is actually a small piece that comes with a very small screen. Because we have become accustomed to using the screen touch, this comes with a numeric keypad, which considering the size, may not be great for a lot of people.

So so Features

The battery life of this phone is great considering the fact that it is only a small phone, but that is all about it. Even though it gives good storage, you may later find this phone performing very slow because the RAM is still in Megabytes (only 512 MB). In addition to this, the camera is only 2 megapixel. Generally, I won’t expect that you attempt taking pictures with this, so that is easy to let go.

On the other side of the Nokia 8110 Banana Phone

While I believe there are reasons why the phone may suggest that Nokia is running out of ideas, it could be that the company is just smart. And here are reasons that you may really consider if you need reasons to buy the phone:

It is a Nokia Phone

As it is with most other Nokia phones, which is why we all love the phones, this will also come with durability and reliability. Over the years, there is hardly a single company that has produced phones that have stood the test of time like the Nokia phones.

Easy to Operate

For those of us that want to drive on the simple lane of life, this is a very good one to go with because it doesn’t just look simple, it is likewise very easy to operate. This is because it features easy to use interface, among other things.

An additional Phone

If you are looking for something to serve as an extra phone and something you can use when you don’t want to get distracted by your big phone, this may just be what you should go for. If you want to get a feel of the 1990s, this is also a great piece.

What you are paying for this piece is USD 97.

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