Alcohol Sold In England

A recently released report has got many gasping for air in surprise after it was indicated that as much as one-third of the alcohol sold in England is consumed by only 4 percent of the entire population.

The revelation came during a debate in which the parliament sought to follow in the footsteps of Scotland by putting a minimum unit price on alcohol on alcohol. It was released by Public Health England as the 50P minimum price still continues.

According to Public Health England’s director of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco while speaking to The Guardian, what the report portrays in the fact that only 4.4% of the population is drinking almost a third of the alcohol is that there are only 2 million people drinking just over 30% of the alcohol.

More so, Rosanna O’Connor who is the director, stated that a great number of those in the group are taking very cheap yet strong alcohol like cider, three-liter bottle of which is said to have 22.5 units of alcohol. What makes it the more disturbing is that people can get to buy it at £3.60.

As such, what the parliament is trying to do is to get the minimum unit price up to 50p which will get the price to go up to £11.

The goal of this is to have that class taking too much to reduce the intake as it will force them to join the other part of the population, which will be of great health benefit. This is as it was also pointed out by Prof Nick Sheron of the University of Southampton and who also runs the liver unit at Southampton general hospital that the average consumption of her patients with alcohol-related cirrhosis 120 units a week.

Sheron noted that people get to take 16 liters and get to pay only around £20. With the new law, however, they would have no option but to adjust to maintain the same lifestyle would see them spending around £70 to get the same thing.

Aside from the health benefit of this, it will also help in significantly reducing the £21bn that England and Wales say they spend annually on alcohol abuse such as cost to the health service, alcohol-related crime, and losses to the economy.

On the flip side of the coin, there are those who are of the opinion that this may not be entirely a good idea because it will only force people to move on and settle for cheap drugs which may even be worse.

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