There was a time when people mention dolls to refer to the things children use to play. Now, however, the word is used to refer to what adults are using to satisfy their sexual desires. The most popular sex dolls among the many in that people make use of come with a lot of things like humans.

In fact, in places like Japan where these dolls are known as ‘‘Dutch Wives”, one can hardly completely figure out that they are indeed dolls and not humans. They are created and given some human characteristics including the ability to have a conversation and to make you believe they are also participating in the whole pleasure thing while having sex with them.

When the whole thing about the sex toys began, they were only developed as female for the needs of men. Nevertheless, because of the popularity of the female version, there are some that are now developed to satisfy men.

Here are some of the most popular sex dolls that are defining the market at the moment:

Samantha sex doll

Samantha is a celebrity sex doll that has become popular for a lot of things including being more advanced and sophisticated than a whole lot of others in the toy market that is gradually becoming very rowdy.

A hyper-realistic robot, Samantha is very attractive and a whole lot intelligent enough to seduce and be seduced. The sex toy is able to respond to both voice and touch so that at the end of the day, it is not only a one-man show.

Samantha’s creator, Sergi Santos said the doll is able to respond to touch most especially when touched in sensitive places such as breasts, genitals, hips, shoulders, face, and hands thanks to the sensor it comes with. He also revealed that the bot loves to be kissed.

Apart from satisfying the lust of men, Samantha is good enough to engage in conversation on different things including philosophy, and yeah, she can also share some good jokes with you. Even as it is highly unlikely, the designer of the robot said it is able to fall in love with its owner and it has family mode.

Selling Price: £12,000

Harmony 2.0 Sex Doll

Popular Sex Dolls

Harmony 2.0 came into the limelight after she emerged as the first sex doll designed with talking abilities. Hence one of the most popular things with this sex toy is that apart from making a man’s bed, it is also designed to have a conversation with him.

The thing with Harmony is that it is designed to function based on the mood of its owner because she comes with as much as 18 personalities which keep changing with time.

To add to her sexiness, the creators of Harmony decided to give her Scottish accent and a good memory to allow her to build a relationship with her owner after spending a long time together. The bot will be able to remember a lot of things about you including your favorite food, movies, and the things you fear and love.

Created by RealDoll, this erotic cyborg is said to come with the aim of helping people find a level of companionship that they may not be able to find naturally, according to Matt McCullen Matt McCullen who is the company’s CEO.

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Apart from all these, other things that stand Harmony from other artificial intelligence sex dolls is that she can talk, move her head, blink and move her mouth.

Selling Price: $10,000

Male Version of Harmony

Popular Sex Dolls

In the line of Harmony averter sex toys, Realbotix has also created a male sex toy that they are trying to get to take care of women who may as well need them. Interestingly, according to the creators, there are already many women that are anxiously waiting for these to hit the market later in 2018.

Even though for now this is not among the most popular sex dolls, it is a male toy comes with a bionic penis which has been said to be better than what women get with vibrators, and it is able to go as long as you may want.

With AI personality, the male sex bot will be activated and controlled using a phone app. What this means is that you will be able to customize your sex doll to act the way you want your man to. Or maybe not exactly. For the shape and size of the penis, the makers said they are going to develop sex dolls that would come in all shapes and sizes.

Just as with others in the Harmony circle, this doll talks, learns, and satisfies sexual desires because they are all designed with the same customizable app.

Because there are no too many male sex dolls, this X-rated companion may be able to capture a significant part of the entire market and get to dominate for probably a good time.

Proposed Price: $15,000

Solana sex robot

Regarded as Harmony’s sister, Solana is the newest entrant into the sex toy market, and just as other most popular sex dolls, she is able to maintain a conversation and an app that you can use in controlling.

Nevertheless, Solana is still very different from others as she comes with better customizability than many others. This is as with this blond sex doll, you can have the face removed and swapped so that you do not get bored with just a “Person”. That is the idea behind the creation of the bot.

Introduced at the CES 2018, Solana sex doll is can easily have her personality changed with the change of the face and the use of the app. And yes, you can also change even the voice so that you will get the feeling that you are entirely with a new sex toy.

While Solana will soon hit the market, a male version with a face that can be changed to also give you multiple characters in one is being created at the moment.

Selling Price: Between $8,000 and $10,000,

Roxxxy Sex Doll

Popular Sex Dolls
Roxxxy and her creator

Developed by True Companion, the makers of this sex toy are claiming that it is actually the first to hit the market, just as all others are claiming the same. This cyborg was introduced in 2010 (which makes it actually the earliest) with the idea of helping men looking for a companion that will do everything except cook and house chores.

Although with artificial intelligence and easy to customize hair, eyes and skin color, there are many people who felt this sex robot could have done much better than it offered. Because of this, the makers were forced to rework it to make sure it is able to go forward and backward, as well as make it less heavy.

While it still remains one of the most popular sex dolls, Roxxxy has still not been able to get it entirely right with critics. That said, the personality of the bot can be altered to meet just what you want. It can also get sad and it orgasms just like other robots above.

Pay Price: $9,995.00 (When it first came, Roxxy sold for as high as $15,000 dollars).

With these sex robots getting more popular by the day, at least if we cannot agree on a lot of things, we can agree that the funeral of love may as well be very near.