It is true a daily pill can prevent HIV infections: pre-exposure prophylaxis

HIV/ Aids has done a lot of havoc over the years all over the world. The surprising thing is how science in all its almightiness has failed to find a cure for it. Most people that have claimed they have cure for the infection just disappear into the darkness they came from as sudden as they came. But then, there is something else which is known as the pre-exposure prophylaxis.

It is a way that people get to take a drug that will serve for preventive measures. The drug has been around for some time, and what it is developed for is to help those who are more open to the risk of contracting the infection not to have it. This is including commercial and even non-commercial sex workers as well as those patronizing them.

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The drug comes under the brand name of Truvada and it has two medicines; tenofovir and emtricitabine. These medicines combine with others to be used in the treatment of HIV.

The problem though is that not many people in the world are prescribed to what is known as the pre-exposure prophylaxis. In fact, only 200,000 people are said to know it and 75 percent of these people are in the United States.

It was as far back as 2012 that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the preventive use of ARVs. In fact, it is found that the pre-exposure prophylaxis is effecting in keeping someone protected from getting infected by as much as 90% when it comes to transmission through sex and 70 percent when it comes to protection against infection through injection.

More so, the only side effect that has been associated to the PrEP is that it can cause side effects like nausea. Before one can start taking the drugs, it is important to consult your doctor because the preventive measure can only be taken by people who are not yet infected, and in every three months, one will need to keep visiting one’s health care provider for regular follow-ups.

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The World Health Organization is another important body that has recommended PrEP for everyone at “substantial risk” of becoming infected. That was in 2015.

For sex workers and people with multiple sex partners, it is recommended that apart from just using this method, the use of condoms and other preventive measures almost completely removes any risk of infections.