Rollable OLED TVs

A lot of things are happening in the world of technology, and they are happening too fast. In the area of televisions, we have come really far from large and heavy boxes to a small and colored screen, down to flat screens, before moving to wallpaper display TVs which were recently designed, and we are now entering the era of rollable OLED TVs.

When you look at it, you may get to think it is some sort of a very large soundbar, but a little closer look will show you that it is indeed, something completely different. LG is still hiding the technology inside the soundbar like box, so until it is very ready to be dished out to the market, no one can tell how it truly looks like.

Just like other OLEDs, this offers you a support for 4K Cinema HDR display.

Here are 7 things you need to know before you enter this era:

It was first completed by LG

LG has been working on this project for more than a couple of years now when others are still working on improving the flat screens. It has doled out different prototypes. The final outcome, or what could be, was shown to the public during the CES 2018 show.

In 2016, the company which has now risen to be the trendsetter in TV technology experimented on the idea of a bendable OLED, and that may as well be the beginning of what we are seeing with the rollable OLED TVs.

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Further down the line, it was still LG that introduced the first flexible OLED screen in 2014. This technology which is another sign of things to later come was designed unlike what Samsung had at the time, with a changeable curvature.

You can actually scale it down

Rollable OLED TVs
Lg Rollable TV Scaled down

One thing that is very interesting with the TV is the fact that you can decide to scale the size down and achieve a smaller size TV of 16 by 9 inches or even 21 by 9 inches which many believe is ideal for the cinema experience. The television gets to rise to a max size of 65 inches.

The different modes allow for full-size TV display or Cinema mode, or even for weather and information as well as for music. While there is the actual size, it all depends on what you want at a moment, hence in this aspect, it has brought much versatility.


You will not be wrong if you assume that it is a projector screen, but it is not since there is no projector. It is in fact, the use of the paper-thin organic light emitting diode display (OLED) that is able to make this possible.

Rollable OLED TVs- Quality of Display

Where most questions are asked is when it comes to the quality of display of the rollable OLED TVs since it is entirely new. Well, it is 4K. This means that it is the highest display quality that you can get right now on any TV only after the 8K display. We may soon see the16K display, however, because it is already been experimented on, just as the 32K.

Essentially what you get with this is a very detailed TV display that is higher than most others since the only 8K display is only used by LG on its OLED 88 inch display which is not rollable.

You do not need any backlight with this as images are made using light emitted by carbon-based materials when electricity passes through them.


You easily get to control how the TV screen rolls up to different sizes using the remote. The way it rolls out may not be as fast as one would like or want. Nevertheless, the TV out rightly beats a lot of others in the TV business. Easily.

We cannot tell for now if there will be other controls on the TV set itself, but you can guess to get voice control thanks to LG’s webOS Smart TV platform.

Other companies working on rollable OLED TVs

Inasmuch as LG is the first to finalize it all, it is not the only one that has been working or is still working on the technology. In fact, since 2010, Sony has begun working on a similar technology, which could allow you to roll your TV while it is still showing images. The problem with this was that it wasn’t as convenient as what is obtainable with the one LG is now giving, and the end product may still be in the pipe somewhere, or out in some lost waters.

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Also, Samsung is another company that has got itself working on the technology. Even as others are putting it to test on TV, Samsung which has also taken the same path is trying to make it more readily available on its tablets.

Rollable OLED TVs
Samsung Flexible Roll Tablet Concept

At the end of the day, the big question is on whether or not we are entering into an age that will determine the next smartphone screen technology.


Sorry, for now, the makers are still trying to discuss how much they are going to charge you for the rollable TVs. We just hope it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. More so, there are no even plans right now to have this sold to the public since the UHD TV is still being designed to perfection.