Sex Doll Facts 5 Ways The Toy Is Changing The World

Though a good number of people are yet to come to terms with the fact that sex dolls are here to stay, and are sceptical about ignoring the sex doll phenomena which they believe is shoving down the sin of Sodom down the world’s throat,  iDollators have maintained that sex dolls are their salvation for several reasons.

These reasons range from finding love and companion to satisfying sexual desires that have lingered on for long. For the sex doll community, the dolls offer them the opportunity to explore and take charge of their fantasies. They get to break out of their sexually repressed feelings and freely experience what they’ve always wanted to experience without being crucified by the societal moral code.

In addition to the foregoing, there are other sentiments that revolve around sex dolls being a necessity for some people. For instance, it has been pointed out that a good number of people mourning the departure of their spouse and unwilling to keep any romantic affairs have found solace in sex dolls. This is presumedly also true for the disabled who may not want to live with their advances been rejected and those who can’t get to be with their partners the way they want.

For the reasons articulated above and much more, it is believed that more people will find sex dolls useful. But, in the meantime, here are some sex dolls facts to ponder.

Sex Doll Facts And A Changing World

1.  All The Justin Bieber Sexual Fantasies Are Being Assuaged 

Until recently all those who have been having erotic fantasies about the Canadian singer, Justin Beiber couldn’t do anything about it.  All they could do was to hide in their closets and let their imaginations run wild. But the coming of sex dolls has created a chance for these guys to assuage their desire for a sexual encounter with the Canadian Star.

Not long past, AliExpress had a good time selling a new sex doll that looks like Justine Bieber. Per reports, the doll wasn’t made in the likeness of the popular pop star. But, people were quick o recognize the striking likeness of the sex doll to Bieber. This made the doll a popular demand as people rushed to get their own Bieber for £1,000 before it goes out of stock. Particularly, buyers were thrilled about being able to pick the penis size of their choice and even, the eye colour they want for dolly Bieber.

2. People Are Discovering Love Could Be More Real And Stress-free

A major bulk of humanity thinks that those who claim they have found real love in sex dolls are sick in the head. But, the guys at the other end believes we are the demented ones if we can’t see that loving and being emotionally attached to a sex doll is better than having a profound and passionate affection for another person.

Among other things, it is said that the dolls are reliable, won’t make one suffer a heartbreak, don’t give STDs, are readily available, don’t nag, and are pretty much, prettier than most of the spouse one could possibly have.

People have always found love in strange places but with the increasing emotional attraction sex dolls, the earth is set to have a more complex family structure. Kids may soon be having dolls as mums.

3. Paedophiles Now Want The Right To Freely Satisfy Their Odd Urges

This is surely one of the sex doll facts that triggered a prolonged public disagreement and heated discussion. While the makers of lifelike sex dolls have continually argued that child sex dolls would help those who are sexually attracted to kids to gratify and quell their unusual desires, thereby protecting kids from being sexual abuse, many have insisted that allowing paedophiles the chance to have child sex dolls is tantamount to encouraging their unnatural sexual attraction to children.

The opponents of the sentiment that paedophiles shouldn’t be sexually repressed have often wondered how long it would take those sexually attracted to children to move from having sexual encounters with childlike sex dolls to wanting a real action with a real child.

Meanwhile, it has increasingly been suggested that paedophiles are like gays and lesbians and couldn’t help being who they are. Should these claims gain any substance, the world is poised for a big change which may disastrous.

4. Prostitution Has Been Reinvented

Well, prostitution is no longer what it was. It has been reinvented and, is now much more than the buying of sex between humans.  Brothels in several countries across the globe are now spicing things up with sex dolls; it is no longer business as usual.  Owing to the fact that these sex dolls are day by day looking more real and extensively attractive, it has been predicted that they may kick the real human prostitutes out of business.

David Levy, a British known for his involvement with artificial intelligence predicted in his book – Love and Sex with Robots – that in the next 30 year, sex dolls would be so advanced that they will be able to fall in love with humans. Levy anticipates that humans will equally find the dolls more romantically attractive and sexually desirous.

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5. You Can Now Customize Your Dream Lover 

Being lonely is likely going to take a major hit, or that’s what the manufacturer of sex dolls think. They also claim that customizing sex dolls to suit a precise specification of a buyer would go beyond eradicating loneliness and make people faithful to their spouses. The idea here is that they get to appease their sexual dreams with the dolls without cheating on their partners with real humans.

As sex dolls are being developed to look and have the human feel as much as possible, they are now being designed to have the precise attributes one would love to have in a romantic partner. While people can provide their voices and get paid for sex dolls to have them, they can also send pictures and body measurements of their dream partners for a matching sex doll to be built for them by Silicon Wives