So you want to rake in millions in music but the problem is you don’t know how to sing. Or maybe, you want to impress him or her with Jason Derulo’s Want to Want me, but the keys are missing and nothing is moving. Vanido promises to help you out.

How true is that, we wait to see. The app which claims to serve as your personal singing coach aims at serving both professional singers and people like me and you, still finding our way around with the whole singing thing.

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Vanido is expected as it promises, to help you with improving your voice and ear. How will it do this? through serving you “Practice exercises to improve your breathing, pitch, ear, range and vocal consistency”, according to the company.


More than that, it is as well promising to give you an instant feedback on how you are performing, which we all know is key to learning everything including music.With the real-time feedback that would show you your pitch, Vanido wants to train your ear to recognize the right pitch, and know when you have gone off track.

One thing that is impressive with the app is that it is designed to be personalized into getting exercises that would move with your vocal range. Don’t just expect it to be able to perfectly process every note. We hope it will do that soon enough.

Also, it does not only allow you listen as you sing, you get the option of making some recordings to listen in your free time and see how well you are doing.

To the design of the App, we think great work have been put into it. The only thing is that it still needs more options and expanded number of activities. This is gradually improving considering that with each update, better and newer things are brought on board.

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In case you are an Andriod user, Vanido is now only available for iOS users. Nevertheless,   the Android version is expected anytime soon. The iOS Version can be downloaded here.

The main problem with learning any new activity is your ability to stay focused and disciplined. For that, this app wants to help by designing a tracker that lets you know how you are progressing. You also get newer challenges set for you as you move on.


This app was developed by a company that started in November 2016 in India. While very impressive, we don’t think it is already there in terms of features and ease of use. You may not be able to effectively make use of using your iPhone’s mouth and earpiece, hence you would need a pair of headphones and a mic.

Functionality wise, we think this is a very brilliant run. As fingers are crossed for the Andriod version, fingers are as well crossed to see how well the little flaws could be corrected and the general functionality improved.

Beyond that, we also wait to see how this would perform in real life as regards making people better singers. Will it sustain in the long run?