15 Proven Reasons Why People May Fall In Love With You According To Science

Love is one of those things no one can explain. This is because it breaks every law of logic and common sense. That is why you get to see people that you feel don’t match sticking together happily forever while those that you feel match perfectly do not get to survive months together.

Before we get there, however, there are reasons why people may fall in love with you and with other people. That is according to science. While sometimes it is very true and obvious, other times the reasons why people love others is not obvious.

Here are reasons why people may fall in love with you:

1. If you look alike

why people may fall in love with you

The thing about the opposite attract doesn’t really count very true here, as science has shown that people find it very easy falling for people that look like them than those that don’t. Apart from looks, partners with similarities in personality also find it easier to fall for each other as it becomes very easy for them to understand each other.

2. Do you look like their current or former partner?

Another reason why people may fall in love with you is if you are able to fall into their type. What makes you their type is if you happen to look like the kind of people they love dating. This is why when you look like someone they are dating or someone they have dated, it doesn’t become too hard for them to fall in love with you.

3. Facial expression

People can come to love you by the facial expression you put. According to a study that was carried out in 2011, men are more likely to fall in love with women that wear the facial expression of happiness. When women show pride, men may not fall in love with them easily. On the other hand, men that have a facial expression that shows pride attracts more women than those who show the facial expression of happiness.

4. Look like their opposite-sex parents

Another reason why people may fall in love with you is if you look like their other sex parent. This is because it makes them to be more comfortable with you and they tend to trust you much easier.  Having the same hair color or eye color as that parent is a plus.

 5. Not knowing if the other person likes you

why people may fall in love with you

Sometimes people may fall for you if they don’t know whether you like them or you don’t. This works more for women as they sometimes get to love a man when they are not sure whether he loves them or not. This comes with the thrill of the mystery that is involved.

6. If you play hard to get

Interestingly enough, science has shown that people tend to love you even more if you decide to play a little hard to get.  This is mostly with men as they want a woman more if she keeps playing hard to get for them. The thing, though, is that the longer she continues to play it, the less men come to like her.

7. If you wear red

If a woman wears red, she gets to attract men more easily as it suggests about sexuality. In the same light, women come to easily fall for men that wear red rather easily.

8. Do you play music?

Women can come to love you easily if you play music than they would if you don’t. Most times. This is proven by a research that was carried out in France in which a man with the guitar is more successful in collecting the numbers of many women than a man who doesn’t have the musical instrument.

9. The smell of the opposite partner

Smell if very important for some people to fall in love with you. For example, it has been found that ovulating women may fall more easily for men who smell of high testosterone. In the same light, there are also other smell of men that women like and because of this they may fall in love with you.

10. If you stare into each other’s eyes

why people may fall in love with you

They say the eyes is the window to the soul. It may as well be the window to love as it was found that when two people look into each other’s eyes for only 2 minutes, the fire of love or something like it could be sparked. This was evident in a research that paired 72 unacquainted undergrads of the University of Massachusetts by psychologist Joan Kellerman. The result is that there was increased feelings of passionate love and affection.

 11. Getting to know the other person

The more you get to know the other person, the more you get to fall for the person. A study has shown that you can get to know one by asking questions in less than an hour and still end up loving the person. Essentially, allowing people to know you better is a way of making them love you some more.

12. Being close to each other

Most long-distance relationships do not get to survive because the more you see each other, the more you come to love each other some more. It doesn’t matter whether you see each other on a plan or coincidentally, it is still good. Therefore you can fall for someone because you always get to see each other.

13. Body language is important

One good reason why people may fall in love with you is your body expression. It has been found that women are easier to fall for men who make hands expression when they talk as they show openness as they talk. If your hands are in your pocket, you are sending a message that you are not interested and so women will not fall for you that easily.

14. Height also matters

It has been found that most women prefer men that are taller than they are. They don’t necessarily want you to be taller than everyone, just be taller than they are. There are some researchers that claim that women prefer shorter men, but that is mostly untrue and in very rare cases which is among women that don’t care about what others think.

15. Own a dog

Women, according to a University of Michigan finding, tend to love men that own a dog.  They believe that such men are great most especially for a long-term relationship because owning a dog may tell of the commitment of a man.

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