Check Out 5 Important Ways Technology Will Change Marketing In 2018

marketing in 2018

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The world is changing; changing really fast and it’s all thanks to technology which has affected many areas of business including marketing in 2018. Young people and old alike are utilizing the powers presented by technology to change their lives in ways that will help them grow and become better at doing things. Businesses are also seizing the opportunity to expand their brands and make more sizable incomes.

People who have been previously scared of venturing into building their own businesses are having a second thought because of technology and how it flings the doors of opportunities wide open for them in the current age. Some persons are even making money on Youtube now. This is why it is considered in many quarters that the coming of technology is the best thing to happen to mankind.

Businesses like marketing have always been thriving enterprises from time immemorial but with the advancement of technological innovations over time, stakeholders now have more reason to become more positive about its goldmine status.

It is a fact that the world of marketing is rapidly changing. This is because more and more businesses and companies are being established today and so more and more people are now being employed to spread the word about new outlets seeking expansion. In fact, it is thought that the business of marketing will continue to become one of the most profitable business ventures as time goes on because new businesses will not stop being established and older businesses will not stop seeking expansion.

2018 is a year that is boasting of having more business-friendly creations in the world of technology and there are many ways this can help marketing become even more bankable.

Below are some ways technology will help to change marketing in 2018:

1. Technology Will Make It Easier To Find Customers

Technology has made it a lot easier to find customers and actually get across to them in the current age. Marketing teams working for companies have been enabled to find out more about their website visitors and not just that but also be able to get them to return for further visits from time to time.

According to a report by Forbes, this is achieved through inbound leads on websites which empower companies to match visitors to the companies they work for by running reverse IP lookups.

Also, various services, empowered by the soothing presence of technological advancements, are now making it a whole lot easier to effectively capture new data including emails and make contact with customers.

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2. Growing Technology Will Force Companies To Push For Immediate Sales

This is already happening. E-commerce companies are now being influenced greatly by emerging technological advancements to push for the achievement of immediate sales target.

Let us explain a little bit.

Now, the many internet users around the world are currently being bombarded with too much information once they get online. They keep seeing lots of data providing them with information on what they can buy or patronize from different websites. Apparently, this means that internet users now have a lot of distractions and this is why companies, particularly e-commerce, are frantic about making sales quickly before the attention of prospective customers get diverted.

The presence of these distractions caused by too much catchy information is a direct influence of technology and its many adverse effects on young and old people alike. The massive development in the world of social media and in the proliferation of companies and business ownership is what has brought about the tendency to have too many things aiming to distract internet users and this is exactly why it is what is causing business owners to make key decisions on how to make fast sales.

3. Growing Technology Will Help To Reach A Wider Audience

Technology has, first of all, increased the usage of the internet especially the social media. People of this current age and time have increasingly found it really hard to drop their phones even if it is for a second. They are always surfing the internet and making findings on social media as well as trying to get their voices heard while assimilating all kind of information they come across.

This trend is getting even more rampant in 2018. Newer forms of social media interactions are emerging and marketers have found a good reason to cash in on this and make some kill. The world of marketing will thrive in 2018 mainly because of the power of technology in setting social media abuzz from time to time. Users of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and other social media platforms can now be reached without much ado through ads being run on a 24/7 basis.

A large percentage of internet users converge on social media and this means that marketers now have to worry less on how to reach wide audiences as time goes on.

4. Technology Will Make Video Ads More Rife Then Ever Before

It is popular knowledge that people are more interested in what they can see than on what they can just read these days. If you want to capture a person’s interest, give them visuals and gbam!…they can connect some more.

This is exactly why marketers are making use of video ads now to target customers and get them to pay some attention. Websites are placing video adverts for viewers to see and technology is making it even more rife in 2018. Technology has enabled business owners and companies to create video content and push them across social media platforms and other websites.

5. Customers Are Now Getting More Invitations Via Website Ads

This is one sure way to attract prospective customers to visits websites. E-commerce companies like Konga and Jumia have always used this more and from indications, they will continue using it in 2018.

With website ads, companies get the opportunity to call their customers back even after those customers have left their platforms or websites. These companies track your preferences and interests and make sure you are tempted to make the choice of patronizing them. This happens when, as a prospective customer, you keep seeing items that you have shown interest in, popping up on your screen even after you have left the e-commerce website.

When you visit an e-commerce site for instance and click on an item to buy, you keep seeing those items and more following you about even after you’ve left the e-commerce website. That is the work of website ads. Marketers use them to push goods and services right at your face and influence your decision making. This is expected to be the norm in coming years.