9 Most Surprising Things You Won’t Believe Exist In Outer Space

Naturally, it shouldn’t make any sense to anyone that there are things falling from outer space. But then, it is a very crazy world out there, with many things that exist in outer space. While some of these things remain out there as planets or even occurrences, there are some that have found their ways to the earth. Those, however, are mostly things that can be explained such as parts of rockets.

Here are some things that exist in outer space

1. Diamond Planet

Exist In Outer Space

While diamond has been central to many wars on earth and the colonization of places like Sierra Leone and South Africa, there actually a planet that is completely diamond. Known as the Planet 55 Cancri e, it is believed that the planet is almost completely made of diamond as a result of the high carbon-to-oxygen ratio of its host star.

Discovered in 2004, the planet which is referred to as a Super-Earth is said to be very hot and it takes only 18 hours for it to complete a year because of how close it is to the sun. But then the planet is found 40 light-years away from us. While it is relatively not too far in astronomical terms, it is not conducive to life because of its temperature.

2. Water Reservoir

The earth is as much as 71 percent covered by water and it is only 29 percent of it that is shared by land and island. Of the 71% that is covered by water 96.5 percent is made of ocean waters. The surprising thing though is that there is a water reservoir in space that has been discovered and it is 140 trillion times the mass of water in the Earth’s oceans. The water which is over a billion light-years away is found floating around an ancient distant quasar which has many black holes.

3. The Planet From Hell

Exist In Outer Space

Hard to believe, but among the things that exist in outer space is a planet that is referred to as the planet from hell. This planet was discovered by astronomers to be only 33 light-years away from us.

Orbiting an orange dwarf star, this planet rains down hot pebbles continuously as a result of volcanic activities going on there. It has also been pointed out that the planet may even be covered in magma.

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What makes this planet a thing to fear even more is that although it is rather small, it has one side constantly facing the sun while the other is constantly facing away. What this means is that if you cross to one side, you will get burnt right away and if you stay on the other side, you will freeze.

4. Floating Clouds of Alcohol

Somewhere close to the constellation Aquila, it has been discovered that there is a giant cloud of alcohol that floats in space. Yes, real alcohol. The cloud has ethyl alcohol enough to fill 400 trillion trillion pints of beer. What this means is that it is that it is more than anything the earth can handle.

Even if everyone on earth decides to take up to 300,000 pints every single day, it will take us billions of years and still, we won’t be able to finish it.

5. Massive Electric Current

Exist In Outer Space

Is there anything on earth that doesn’t exist in outer space apart from the human life? The only thing is that most of the things that exist outside of us exist in exaggeration. One is a massive electric current which is the strongest electric current that has been seen thus far.

Found 2 billion light years away from the earth, this current is found to carry a current of 10^18 amps. That is something that has never been seen and in perspective, this current which is found in galaxy 3C303 is as strong as trillion bolts of lightning.

6. A Planet of Burning Ice

Apart from the planet from hell, this is another planet that is both interesting and dangerously deadly. Known as Gliese 436 b, this planet is both burning hot and ice cold and it sleeps just 30 light-years from the Earth.

More than just that, the planet is able to defy all laws of matter and that makes it easy for it to trap water and force it into a solid state. On the surface, it has a constant 800 degrees Fahrenheit.

While very small in size, it is one of the largest in contradiction and mystery because scientists are yet to fully understand and explain how is it that it is ice and yet burning.

7. Dark Energy

Exist In Outer Space

The possibility that you have heard of Dark Energy is very high, but what is it really? To disappoint you, there is a lot of dark matter, just as with other things that exist in outer space, that is unknown than there is that is known.

From the things we know, however, is that close to ¾ of the universe is made of the dark energy. What this energy does is to get the universe constantly expanding. Yes, the point is that the earth is expanding, and faster than it was many years ago.

Dark matter is seen as the property of space, but apart from that, the battle to understand this is still rightly on.

8. Cosmic Microwave Background

Cannibalism doesn’t just exist on earth as astronomers have discovered that in space, there is also cannibalism among galaxies. When they collide, they sort of “consume” each other.

Although the closest galaxy to us which is known as Andromeda is more than 2.5 million light-years away, there are many galaxies that are very close to each other in space. Because of this and the fact that they are always on the move, they tend to collide against each other, leady to them feeding on each other as a result of their gravitation pull.

The interesting thing about this is that after eating themselves, they give birth to stars.

9. Black Hole

Have you ever heard of black hole? It is a place in space that has a very strong gravitational force enough not to allow anything pass across it. The force is too strong that not even light is able to pass across it.

One of the most complex things that exist in space, black space comes into existence when stars are beginning to die. There are many black holes that exist in space.