Nigerian Dating Sites: All to Know About Finding Love Online

It will only be fair enough to forgive someone for assuming that Nigerian dating sites don’t work, or maybe that online dating in Nigeria will hardly work. This is true when you start considering the fact that many Nigerians are easily finding and ending and finding some more love on Facebook and other social media.

In other parts of the world. Dating sites are quite popular, with people paying premium fees in some for secrecy and other greater benefits. While these Nigerian dating sites are not popular they still have their spaces. Also, there are people that are actually finding love there, but no one can tell how and if they are going to survive better than they are doing right now.

Here are some Nigerian dating sites and all you need to know about them:

This may just be the biggest dating site in Nigeria. There are a good number of Nigerians on this platform and it is open to men interested in women and women interested in men.

You get to meet people from different parts of the world who are interested in Nigerian men or women. The thing though is that you must not get carried away into believing that someone is in the UK or US and allow yourself to get scammed.

While it is quite reliable, the site like with typical online dating in Nigeria doesn’t have as much people as any social media, but it is still more generous than a lot of others. What this means in the real sense of it is that the possibility of finding love here may not be as high as you would expect because you don’t have many people and the locations are very few.

One of the best things I have come to realize with this site is that it is very easy to navigate and use. You get to easily chat with different people and everything is absolutely free on the site. The site registration is also very simple because with only your Facebook account, you may get to find the love of your life.

More than many others, this offers a lot more in terms of being a real dating site. You will find out that this is able to streamline exactly what you are looking for in terms of almost everything including age, sexual orientation, city, height, weight, marital status, and a whole lot more.

It attempts to calculate your compatibility with people as you browse through their profiles, and yes, it is very free. It is also pretty new, but the activities are not all too massive, but it still does well. The features are very friendly, even though the chatting could still be better.

I know I said this is better than a lot of others, but it still doesn’t deliver the exact thing that one will be on a lookout for in a very good dating site.

Nigerian dating sites

This online dating site has less than 600 members with more men than women. The site is at best simply basic in a lot of ways as it doesn’t come with many features that would allow for good navigation or friendly activities. It is very poor when you look at the navigation, because it shows you the number of people online, but doesn’t allow you access to them directly.

Nevertheless, for a pretty new dating site in Nigeria, this is not doing very badly, but again, the reality of finding your life partner here may not be as high as you would expect or as real as you may want.

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The good thing with this is that it has a blog and various forums, even though they are still empty, and everything here is also very free. More so, you can streamline your search based on the type of partner you are looking for, on the basis of age, marital status, and city. The other side of the coin if that at least people would like to know other things such as height, hair and eye color, if there are any physical challenges, and much more including education, but this platform does not provide for all those.

Even though it says that it calls people to directly verify so as to confirm whether they are real, hours after I registered, I am still yet to get any verification phone call.


Like other dating sites in the country, this is one that would have had a lot of promise, but for the fact that it is simply basic in almost everything. While there are very few people on the platform, it gives less information even when compared to facebook. All you get are the names of people, their ages, and city. For their profile pictures, most people don’t have any, and most don’t write anything significant about themselves.

The site is open to people of different sexual orientation, but the filter doesn’t streamline your search to find people that would match you in any way serious.

Again, this is a new site, but so far, it doesn’t look more than a simple joke. Unless it is upgraded, the possibility of getting any serious thing happening here is slim. This is not only because there is little activity going on, but also because you don’t get any serious info about potential partners.


This may probably be the most serious dating site in Nigeria. Designed for Christians to find partners, it is well detailed and it gets different information of users. It is all free and it allows for easy of use and navigation.

What is more is that the site is quite busy which increases your possibility of getting a partner. The registration is pretty simple but well detailed.

Although this is most especially an international dating site, Nigerians have their own “corner” if you will prefer dating only Nigerians. Why I chose to add this is because it is probably the standard of what an online dating site should be like.

Once you are done with registration, your account doesn’t become active until you have a profile picture. You will get to see most things about others such as their looks, and many more. Nigerians on this platform are not too many, but they are more active than they are on many other Nigerian dating platforms.

It has very good features that are free, but you can also get to pay for some of the services you get.

Nigerian Dating Sites- Overall

Nigerian dating sites

One of the biggest flaws with almost all Nigerian dating sites is that they have very little in terms of security. You do not even need to verify with your email account before you get to sign up, and they don’t require anything serious.

Most importantly, as you go in search for love online, the most important thing, whether it is a dating site in Nigeria or anywhere else is that you are not immune to being scammed. Therefore you need to be careful of princes who have wealth but need something to access their wealth.